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December 17, 2008

High Tech Report


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We feel it is our personal obligation to help you gear up and get ready for a high tech President

As Dan Froomkin tells us:

Here's the status quo: A president who has overt contempt for public opinion, who shields himself from opposing views and whose idea of White House Web site interactivity is a video of his dog.

And here's the change: The Obama transition team is actually soliciting public comments on its Web site, reading them and responding to them.

All of us here at Dakota are aware that dealing with new technology can be challenging in addition to providing unique opportunities for mastery .

May we be so bold as to suggest you get your feet wet by downloading some new video games from Molleinindustria whose "objective is to investigate the persuasive potentials of the medium by subverting mainstream video gaming clichè (and possibly have fun in the process)." Try your hand at Oiligarchy or Operation: Pedopriest. Perhaps you'd prefer playing virtual spiritual enlightenment to virtual sociopolitical manipulation, in which case, consider "Night Journey". The highly acclaimed "Bioshock" is a good choice for those who lust after Ayn Rand and brutality--- you know who you are.

So get with it, guys. If you plan to snail mail the new administration, you might find focusing on arts and crafts projects a better use of your time.

Photo note: Pretty high tech, huh? and just look at all those double triangles

Posted by Dakota at December 17, 2008 08:47 PM