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May 29, 2008

Scott Pops Up


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So..... what happened about "What Happened", former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new Bushbuster confirming everything all of us here at Dakota have known for years? What's really interesting is the flap it's caused, and the the creepy fingers of the corporatocracy that have been exposed.

Ariana Huffington hit all the high points.

Keith Olbermann interviewed Scott for an hour, but we thought he was surprisingly obsequious.

Glenn Greenwald of Salon wrote a beautiful summary of how the corporate media interests controlled misinformation.

The noble McClatchey reporters responded to Scott's accusation that the press failed to report the truth, since they were doing just that all along, and Dan Froomkin took a break from his vacation to post a wonderful defense of the conscientious conscious press.

And from the right, the nationally telecast Turd Blossom and the rest of the turds chimed in. Our personal favorite, da lovely, distainful Dana Perino described Bush as "surprised" by the book but said the president wouldn't have anything to say about it. "He has more pressing matters than to spend time commenting on books by former staffers," she said.

Someone over at 23/7 drew Scott McClellan's thought process flow chart.

TPM treated us to some vintage Scott in videos made prior to his awakening

Our congressional heroes, Robert Wexler and John Conyers plan to ask McClellan to testify before Congress, and Bush will, as always claim executive privilege.

And best of all, it sounds like Scott is has eyes for Obama

So the book didn't turn out to be so boring after all.

Photo note: A metaphorophoto of sorts -- note the flag rolled into a flaccid "cigar" shape, with a tiny American flag popping up from inside the container.

Addendum: The mainstream media responds

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