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November 26, 2005

The Practice of Thankfulness -- Illustrated


Generally I do not publish what I consider to be art on my blog. I shoot something that someone else has made, and, when I'm lucky, I lay upon it a twist of my own.

This picture is an exception, since I made everything in it from scratch. That is, I produced the subject of the picture with my very own hands, or rather, with my very own car, and now have photographed it for posterity, though not perfectly, since my predawn technical skills need improvement.

It is my way of celebrating the fact that I ran over my cellie yesterday. As I was backing out, I saw it lying on the driveway, looking quite intact. First, I felt the relief of discovery, and thanked god that I hadn't run over it. But on closer examination, I found that I had art, rather than information, on my screen. It still makes and takes calls, for anyone who needs to reach me -- you know who you are..

A list of reasons to be thankful that I ran over my cellphone:

. My current cellie does not have 911 tracking, which the federal government has mandated. A major portion of 911 calls are made on cellphones -- unfortunately by people who have no idea where they are. 911 tracking will enable the police to locate you. I know it's important, but my suspicious little mind does so hate a federal regulation that allows them to know anything about me. Speaking of emergencies, if you have a cellie, program an emergency contact number into your phone book under "in emergency" or "ICE" (evidently every policeman knows what ICE means), so whoever finds you senseless will know who to call.

. I thought my contract was up anyway, since, three weeks ago, I received a call from a guy with hustle, ready to sign me up for an another lifetime. Turns out my contract doesn't expire until May, when I can update my phone for free, I was told by headquarters that the hustler person must have been just "telling me about their special promotion" . Right.

. My battery was dying a slow and annoying death.

. I want a cellie with Bluetooth (whatever that is), so that I will be able to wear one of those little hooks over my ear and to avoid developing a brain tumor from my social life, and
car wrecks
from catching in wires.

. Until I choose a new phone, I will often have the opportunity to contemplate the importance of art over information.

. I really need an extension cell phone. Maybe they'll let me use the beautiful one that way.

. This loss provides me with the challenge of learning new technology. I shall have to confront all those unfamiliar buttons and arrows on my new phone, not to mention its blue teeth, which I would otherwise avoid like the plague. (I know, I know, you think I'm obsessed by the plague lately)

Photo note: Bet you thought I spent my day painting abstract pictures of chickens. Or maybe you guessed that W's popularity had improved significantly.

Oops, I almost forgot to publish my favorite Thanksgiving poem again.

Posted by Dakota at November 26, 2005 06:29 AM