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August 31, 2004

The commercialization of liberty


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A photosymbolic analysis in honor of the Republican National Convention
The American evolution from democracy to plutocracy .

Notice that old style American flag is blurred and flacid in the background.

Notice the hollow round ball with prominent ears shaping the symbol of liberty in the foreground.

Notice the nifty new packaging of Old Glory.

Notice that Mickey Flag looks cute and harmless .

Notice that Mickey Flag is mounted on top of a radio antenna.

Notice the connection between Mickey Flag and the corporate media.

Notice that a hollow ball on a radio antenna is rigid, it does not ripple gracefully when you wave it.

Notice that we are at war with civilians who are angry that we have devastated their country in the name of bringing them democracy . Oh well.

Notice that the three hundred terrorists that originally had it out for us, have multiplied exponentially.

Notice that when Timothy McVeigh behaved badly, we treated him as a heinous criminal. We searched relentlessly for him, rooted him out, and punished him mightily for his crime. We did not start a war.

But I digress.

Posted by Dakota at August 31, 2004 06:02 AM